''UNIQUE lessons for UNIQUE students''

Spanish is the world's second most spoken language. That means if you speak Spanish you can communicate with more than 500 million people. That is why Spanish has become one of the most popular languages to learn and speak. It is the key to getting to know the immense wealth of Spanish-speaking culture and a great tool for your future. More and more students are choosing to learn Spanish to improve their academic education and expand their opportunities. Take a step into your future with our Spanish classes and achieve your goals with motivation!


  • Based on the communicative learning method. The main goal is  to improve each student's communication skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

  • The duration of online and face to face lessons are usually 60 minutes per session*.  Longer sessions can be arranged if required. *Note: For children, shorter durations can work well, depending on each child's attention ability and needs.

  • We identify and focus on the main areas for development. This can also include working on any current assignments or projects to ensure full understanding and progression. 
  • The lessons will be mostly in Spanish*.  The tutoring sessions will help to put all your previous knowledge and learning strategies into practice, in order to maximize progression and success. *Note: There will be a selective use of English when required, as well as for the analysis of functionalities in both languages.

  • The Spanish lessons are fully tailored to your Spanish level, interests, needs and goals .

  • We use a wide variety of personalised materials that better adapt to any learning style and work on all linguistic skills in a fun, interactive, dynamic and very visual way .



Tutoring sessions can be arranged face-to-face.  This will maximise learning.  These sessions can be arranged at a suitable and convenient location. 

Benefits of face-to-face sessions include, immediate feedback, more detailed explanations, personalised lessons and support.

Students can learn in a fun and friendly way and we can work together on improving key areas of development efficiently as possible. 

Face to face sessions can be combined with a series of online tutoring for flexibility purposes and also allows learning in a different way through use of technology and online resources. 



Lessons can also be arranged online so you can easily learn from the comfort  and privacy of your own home. 

Online lessons usually take place via Skype or Zoom however other video conferencing software can also be used.


Online tutoring is very effective as we live in a digital age and many students are very familiar and comfortable with the use of technology in learning. 

Technology can aid the learning environment as online resources can be used to assist explanations. Other aspects such as screen sharing, presentations and file sharing can make learning effective. 

Online tutoring allows us to teach any student no matter where they live as there is no travelling involved. It also allows more flexible times, either before school, after school or at weekends. 



Why Spanish Tutoring for Children?

Because it is a key time to learn a language and have fun doing it.

Children have amazing cognitive advantages when it comes to acquiring a new language, due to their capacity for natural learning without great effort. It is often said that children can absorb information like a sponge.  Therefore, childhood is an ideal time for your children to learn Spanish in a fun and tailored way, based on their passions and interests. Playing games, stories and making arts and crafts are some of the activities we do in class to ensure that children will enjoy learning Spanish.  We also cover the Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculums and can offer support with assignments and revision.

These tutoring sessions would be suitable if:


  • Your child has gone to a school where they have not had the opportunity to choose Spanish as a subject.

  • Your child learns Spanish at school, but needs additional support to improve his/her level of the language.

  • Spanish is your child's second language, but he/she has difficulty expressing himself/herself.

  • Your child would benefit from learning a new language and developing greater communication skills outside of school.



Why Spanish Tutoring for Teenagers?

Because it improves academic education and enriches your worldview and cultural knowledge.  It can help to potentially develop new interests, greater confidence and improved communication skills

Tutoring for teenagers can drastically improve academic work for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Levels or at Degree level.  It can also open doors and help with ideas for a future choice of career.  


These tutoring sessions would be suitable if:


  • You are studying Spanish at school, college or university and would like additional support.

  • You are preparing for a Spanish exam for college or university entrance.

  • You want to prepare before going on a language exchange, placement or  trip abroad to a Spanish-speaking country.

  • You want to learn Spanish to expand your future education and employment possibilities.




Why Spanish Tutoring for adults?

Because there are so many ways learning Spanish can benefit you in life, from personal to professional reasons and it is important to never stop learning new skills.

The advantages for learning Spanish are endless and it is never too late to learn a language.  We live in a truly global world where we can easily connect with people worldwide and a lot of trade is done internationally. Learning Spanish could open doors and unlock opportunities. Investing in this new skill can pay dividends, as you will be more employable, you can discover new cultures and it will keep your mind sharp in the process. The best investment you can make is in yourself and our tutoring sessions can greatly accelerate results.

These tutoring sessions would be suitable if:


  • You have not had the opportunity to learn a language previously and wish to learn Spanish.

  • You wish to refresh your previous knowledge of the Spanish language or develop and practice your  current skills.

  • You are travelling to a Spanish speaking country and would like to learn and understand the language to benefit your trip.

  • You require knowledge of the Spanish language for business or professional purposes.